Common Defects that Cause Trucking Accidents

A truck accident is among the many causes of concern on the highways of United States. Driving these 80,000-pound commercial vehicles requires a great deal of skill and care. Once these huge vehicles end up in an accident, they can lead to catastrophic damages and injuries. Avoiding these incidents are very important, which is why companies tend to screen their drivers very carefully – yet, why do these accidents still occur?

Aside from driver errors, the next leading cause of truck accidents is equipment failure; either from poor truck designs or defective truck parts. They can result from inappropriate maintenance or flawed parts that can come together to cause an accident. Among the common defective parts of a truck that can lead to an accident are:

  • Under-inflated or over-inflated tires that can lead to tire blow-outs
  • Defective steering gears
  • Improper or poorly-designs safety straps or hitches
  • Defects in the underride bars, failing to prevent cars from going under the truck
  • Poor installation or defective tie-down, leading to dislodged or falling out of loads

Brake failure is also a great contributing factor for a truck accident. These things are the first things that are looked into once there is a truck accident and driver error is not the factor. It can be a bit tricky to prove that the truck defect is the cause of the accident, and to pin-pointing who to blame is very complicated. Having legal help and representation in these cases are one of the best ways to protect your right for compensation and fight for your cause.

A truck accident, whenever they occur, is never a little thing. There are many things that can come into play when they occur, so it can be a complicated thing to be involved in. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are preventable, but because of some people’s errors and neglect of safety laws and regulations, other innocent citizens are in danger.

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