Choosing the Right Hair Color for You

It’s undeniable that most women prefer to change their natural hair color to something different. There are many reasons why women choose to change their appearance: to boost their confidence, make a more lasting impression, taking a new direction in life, and many others. Regardless of the reason, choosing the right hair color is essential in getting the effect that they would like to see. There are, however, things that should be considered if a woman chooses to change her hair color. It may seem easy, but choosing the right hair color is hard.

One way to help in determining which hair color would suit you best it by checking your skin tone and undertones. This can be done by checking the veins in your wrists: blue veins means you have cool undertones (which would look good in cooler colors, such as black, auburn brown, or ash blond), green veins means warm undertones (good for warmer hair colors such as golden and honey browns), while anywhere in between means you have neutral undertones. Eye color can also be used as basis: warm colors appear natural to those with brown, green, or hazel eyes, while cool-toned hair color suit blue and green-eyed people.

It should also be noted that age plays a part in choosing hair color. Certain extreme hair colors can bring out imperfections such as wrinkles, therefore those who would like these colors should proceed with caution. Also, those over the age of 25 should be wary of having full block of color since they can bring out facial flaws. Choosing unnatural color should be reconsidered as it can cause conflict with your wardrobe, and even cause issues at your workplace. If you would want to look more natural, hair styling experts recommend choosing shades that are 2 levels lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

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