Basic Gun Cleaning Tips

Although guns are designed to adapt to some of the most rugged conditions, they are impossible to function without proper maintenance. Failing to upkeep your gun when needed or on a regular basis means making it vulnerable to damages that may require costly repair. Additionally, a poorly-maintained gun could result in more targets missed, and malfunctions that may sometimes even hurt the user.

To help you with your gun maintenance needs, here are a few tips to consider:

Know Your Ammo

When cleaning your gun, orient yourself first by reading the gun manual. By knowing your gun and its components, you will have an idea which parts are safe to be disassembled and cleaned and which ones are not. An Armalite rifle, for instance, has a simple chamber mechanism that is easier to disassemble. Its trigger mechanism, on the other hand, is made of smaller components that might be too complicated to disengage especially for newbies. An Armalite’s trigger mechanism also requires less cleaning compared with the chamber. So, you may not want to disassemble the trigger mechanism unless it is really necessary.

Know where to Lubricate

Not all gun parts require the same level of lubrication. An over-lubricated bolt, for instance, makes your gun more prone to fouling. Dropping just enough amount of lubricant to key points of your gun is enough to keep it working without too much friction.

Remember the Parts

Before you start disassembling your rifle, place a light-colored plastic sheet on the floor or on top of a flat table to ensure that no parts will be lost. Every gun component should be reassembled exactly the way how you disassembled it. Failing to do so may cause damage to your gun. Suppressors, for instance, should be secured tightly on your barrel to prevent baffle strikes. However, barrels created by Suppressed Weapon Systems are somewhat unique because they have suppressors already integrated with them.

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